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Astacio was rushed to a Rhode Island hospital and pronounced dead. He’s described as a “fierce defender” of pits and said there are no bad dogs, just shitty owners. Will they get another pit in the future? Recall this fable. What are the odds??? They know who their abuser is, and they just can’t leave him. Do I think this dog should be humanely euthanized?. Also occurring coincidental with post-2007 pit bull advocacy by humane organizations have been at least 366 additional fatalities,  or 28 additional deaths per year. But let’s pretend that it WAS for sure a seizure. He said that his dogs attacked a second woman,  who he believed was dead in a ditch,  according to a spokesperson for the Houston Police Department.”, “A friend of the deceased said the woman made a living working the streets,  but said she was sweet and giving,”  Walker added. Wonderful summary of the purpose of dogs! Another fatality, my heart hurts. They obey or they do not obey. In 2019, 26 American females were killed by dogs, and 16 of the 26 were killed by pit bulls. https://www.health.com/condition/antisocial-personality-disorder/sociopath-traits. Afterwords my boyfriend and I could not think of what you would call somebody who thinks like that. Police were forced to Taser the dog before they could help the victim. Through our work, we hope to protect both people and pets from future attacks. You are sharing your house with a predator, and all you have standing between you and grisly ending is luck. Colleen, is this correct? June 2019, Kern County, CA Crystal Pearigen, 36 Fatal dog attack involving pit bull(s) May 2019, St. Lucie County, FL Christine Liquori, 52 Fatal pit bull attack. We kids used to pretend we were drowning, and our Shep would bound into the lake, paddle over to us & tow us to shore by the arm. The corresponding total for 2007 was just 31. They have instincts, and they follow those instincts. Pit bull attack: Dog filmed viciously biting horse on Wollongong beach. Somerset, MA - A 44-year old woman died after being mauled by a family pit bull. I have to wonder whether the owners of these maulers who end up turning on them ever owned a normal dog. Published: 13/06/2019Updated: 15 June 2019 12:31 PM. Thornhill suffered a skull fracture and multiple other injuries that left him unable to walk. The dogs' owner was ordered to complete 150 hours unpaid work and pay costs of £3,340, and was banned from owning any animal, or having … 86% of these deadly attacks (6 of 7) were carried out by pit bulls. If you can’t trust the dog, you’re not being protected. They just aren’t too particular about whose blood gets spilled to appease the angry Dog God, apparently. Because martyrdom proves their worthiness. The 480 total disfigurements,  though well below the totals of 2015 and 2016 (574 and 570, respectively),  would have been a record as recently as 2014,  up from 37 in 2007. They can stop people from having seizures. Absolutely! read. Yet, they will continue to be defended, excused and exonerated for all the murder and mayhem they cause. Mendacity? Every time I read “I would never have any other breed than a pit,” I have to assume that they’ve never had a normal dog. There is no excuse, in 2019, almost 2020, to not know the dangers of these dogs. A good dog is a dog that is useful and helps people. JCAHCO accredited, every detail was frequently heavily scrutinized. WATCH: A video of a dog attacking a horse on a beach near Wollongong. I find this deeply ironic that people care more about horse injury than human fatalities. I believe the term sociopath might be the word you’re looking for. A “good” (useful, skilled, fulfills its purpose) fighting dog makes a horrible pet. (Worthiness to be killed and eaten by their pit bull?). The attack by a pit bull sent a 19-year-old to the emergency room and one of the horses to the vet. I really hope it doesn’t come to one or both of them getting seriously mauled or killed by their pit bull. This is horrendous. Pit bull attacks have increased 830% in seven years in the US and Canada. I say that is a breed not suitable for ANY home, because anyone can have an accident, a seizure, a heart attack, etc. A scary thought. And a big, un-neutered pit bull. The dead eye stare in the 2016 pic is not a great combo with a dog physically capable of killing someone. (See Houston dog fancier killed: “Before pit bulls, it was Dobermans”?). It hurts to start doing–like, it hurts as you start to rest your weight on it–but it fixes the cramp almost immediately. Pitbull attacking horse. We are talking specific biological functions, physical form and temperament which were selectively bred for in fighting dogs to make them excellent at fighting and killing other animals. National Pit Bull Victim Awareness (NPBVA), a coalition of over 70 pit bull victim groups across the U.S. and Canada, has urged the province to keep the breed-specific ban in place. ... Annie L. Williams (71) – Killed by pit bull after 10 minute attack … The unidentified deceased was the second dog attack death in Houston in 2019. In the 15-year period of 2005 through 2019, canines killed 521 Americans. if you are attacked; … If so, will that be allowed? Dogs have no moral agency. They’re amazing. The show covers four stories of pets doing incredible things. My 13-year old little sister ran to get help but she passed away due to her injuries. But that they are endangering everyone who comes into contact with Piney, and they know this, and they consider themselves virtuous martyrs. If so, they are good dogs. 2019 Dog Bite Fatality: Pit Bull Kills 44-Year Old Female Owner in Somerset, Massachusetts. ”. If you trust the wrong dog, you’re also not being protected. Compare that to the purebred Chow Chow, which has a fatal-attack rate of 0.005 percent, and consistently ranks as the least child-friendly dog breed on the market." Likewise occurring coincidental with post-2007 pit bull advocacy by humane organizations have been at least 4,127 additional disfigurements,  or 318 additional disfigurements per year. The pit bull owners were ticketed for failure to vaccinate the dog against rabies and for allowing the dog to run at large. Google “pit bull attack” and click News. I worked for four years at Mingus Mountain Academy, a secure facility for court ordered extreme at risk youth that were committed to Arizona Juvenile Corrections. There wasn’t anything mentioned about what happened to the dog, will it be “rehomed”‘ , put down or what? Astacio was fatally attacked by her pit bull of eight years at her home in the 200 block of Lees River Avenue early Friday evening. Is this stupidity? Content Continues Below Wallington, Sutton, England – Victim was attacked and killed by a dog, suffering multiple injuries and a severe haemorrhage to her head and neck. June 2019, Stanislaus County, CA Nicholas Farris, 2 Fatal pit bull-mix attack. Occasionally, unpredictably, the real inner animal comes out. I know what *real* protection looks like in a dog, and TRUST is a huge part of it. That could have been the end of me. Fatal pit bull attack. People can have a friendly breed, such as a Labrador, a Golden, a Beagle, a Dachshund, etc. It’s repulsive, to think of someone cutting off their own arm and feeding it to their dog. There’s a family like that in my neighborhood. “When police and paramedics arrived on scene,  police were forced to deploy a Taser on the dog before being able to assist the victim,  who was then rushed to Rhode Island Hospital,” Croteau continued. But the last story is an interview of Ira himself. Sheriff's... Lana Bergman. Normal dogs were bred to fill a specific genuine human need. Garces died less than a mile––eight short blocks east and one block south––from where a pit bull broke through a fence on October 19,  2013 to pull Gage Thornhill,  age 4,  off of his bicycle. I have foot cramps that take me down to the ground in pain as I try to massage my foot out of its distortion. Related articles: That story is called Human Sacrifice. “Astacio was pronounced dead at 6:20 p.m.”. Yet they are responsible for more than half of … I hope the authorities will do the right thing and put it down. I got awful foot cramps through both of my pregnancies, and that was the fastest (and really the only) way to ease them. Because if they’d ever had a normal dog, they would see that a normal dog can do anything beneficial as a companion animal that a pit bull can, with almost none of the liability, the danger, the hassle from frequent escapes or the potential grief involved in having a pit bull. http://www.dogsbitedecatural.com/ has the dog bite related fatalities for 2019 at 47 so far. Isn’t that a (gruesome) record for the year? In this day and age there is no way they didn’t know; it was willful ignorance or Lion Tamer Syndrome, or “It’s all how you raise them!” and nothing more. Family member: Very saddening. Oh, it’s just how you raise them, she said, so there again is part of the problem. But the December 21,  2019 Houston fatality most resembled the January 5,  2014 fatal mauling of Christina Burleson Bell,  43,  homeless for much of her life,  who had only recently moved into an apartment with her husband,  Benjamin Franklin Bell. Eight pit bull/blue heeler mixes belonging to a neighbor,  with pit bull conformation but blue heeler markings,  were impounded at the scene. |, DogsBite.org is a public education website, 2019 Dog Bite Fatality: Pit Bull Kills 44-Year Old Female Owner in Somerset, Massachusetts, 2019 Dog Bite Fatality: Man Found Dead in Modesto Home, Two Pit Bulls Suspected, 2019 Dog Bite Fatality: Pit Bull Kills Owner in Uniontown: He Has a Hole in His Head, 2020 Dog Bite Fatality: 26-Year Old Man Dies After Violent Pit Bull Mauling in West Tulsa, Viral Video Shows Extreme 'Entitlement' of White, Female Scofflaw Dog Owner, Who Quickly Plays the Race Card, 2020 Dog Bite Fatality: Cause of Death Determined - Teenager Killed by Dogs in Knott County, Kentucky, 2019 Dog Bite Fatality: 4-Year Old Boy Killed by Pit Bull His Family Was Housing at Their Hazel Park Home, DogsBite's GivingTuesday Challenge 2020 - Rising Above & Beyond During COVID-19, The Propaganda is All the Same: Pit Bull Lobby and Tobacco Institute by Lucy Muir - Perspectives of Advocates, Pit Bull Breaks Through New Kennel Twice to Repeatedly Attack Shelter Worker at Lenoir County SPCA in North Carolina, 2020 Dog Bite Fatality: Man Killed by Pack of Dogs in Rural Jackson County, Florida, My Take on Pit Bulls by Carol Miller - Perspectives of Advocates. May 2019, Jefferson County, KY Fri., Nov. 1, 2019 timer 3 min. Much praise & love once we got on dry land. I’ve done stories about seizure dogs. She suffered from seizures and the details still are unclear why, our family dog attacked my mother while having a seizure. They don’t KILL the person. Piney was fine until the wedding. At about... Ed Stanley. This is a terrible tragedy. Johana Villafane, 33, died after her own pit bulls attacked her in Irving, Texas. National Pit Bull Victim Awareness advises, "Although they represent only 4.5% of dogs in America, pit bulls killed 64.4% of 360 Americans who died as a result of a dog bite injury between 2005-2015, compared to Rottweilers at 11.4% and German Shepherds at 3.6%. “Elysandra Astacio started a GoFundMe to help pay for her mother’s funeral,”  Croteau mentioned. They act as if pit bulls are the only dogs which can snuggle, or lick, or return love. – Louisville Courier Journal This entry was posted in 2019 Fatal Pit Bull Attack, Post CDC Acquiescence and tagged Children Killed by Pit Bulls, kentucky. Police officers responded to the scene in … ), it’s one bite and then escape, which would be a normal dog reaction. There is simply no place for them in our society. “Around 5:45 a.m.,  police received a call from a man who reported that his wife had been attacked by dogs. June 2019, Ventura County, CA Maria Crawford, 54 Fatal pit bull attack. Across the U.S.,  with 10 days left in 2019,  687 pit bulls and/or close pit mixes had attacked 184 children and 371 adults in incidents in which 33 people were killed and 480 people were disfigured. Tiara Deshawn Thomas and Timothy Dewayne Coleman,  34,  were both criminally charged for the attack about six months later. What the …??? A 16-year-old boy died after being attacked by three dogs while trespassing in a backyard in suburban Dallas. Some people don’t have enough *actual* hardship in their lives. What horrific deaths these human victims endured. The entire interview Mr. Glass is chuckling. Merry Christmas. Fighting dogs were bred to fill humans’ wicked appetites for violence, cruelty, and greed. If Piney ever kills anyone but one or both of them, the Glasses are 1000% exposed as fully liable. Great post, several key points very well said and very nicely stated. “Astacio,  44,  was having a seizure inside her home when the family dog began to attack around 5:20 p.m.,  according to the Bristol District Attorney’s Office,”  reported Scott J. Croteau of MassLive.com. I’m just thankful they never hurt a person. Sue M. June 26, 2019 at 8:04 pm. And there may be a possible third one in Houston? I don’t necessarily apply blame to this dog that killed. If they do bite out of fear (IF! Of the 5,714 humans who have been disfigured by dogs 1982-2018, 4,346 were disfigured by pit bulls; of the 763 deaths, 446 resulted from pit bull attacks and another 109 by Rottweiler attacks. He thinks the whole thing is funny. Neighbors, witnesses react after 9-year-old's death from pit bull attack Aug. 20, 2019 01:51. Pit Bull Kills Owner. Police responded to the house around noon in the 3800 block of Grand Avenue in the Chickasaw neighborhood on reports of a child in the mouth of a pit bull, according to dispatch records. I am done feeling bad for adult pit bull owners when their dog kills them. She was the best, and to say that I adored her would be an understatement. Somerset, MA - A 44-year old woman died after being mauled by a family pit bull. The 112# mastiff was shot dead by police marksmen, and a pit bull puppy (a banned dog) was seized and later euthanized. February 11 Plainfield, Illinois: Devin White 25 years pit bull: In an unprovoked attack, the family pit bull attacked the victim and 3 other adults (a 52-year-old woman, a 25-year-old woman, and a 19-year-old man). That’s the truly despicable part of all this. I’ve got no more aches to give, heart or otherwise, for these fools who insist on having pit bulls in their home. So true. There wasn’t anything more formal to it than that. The family dog is believed to be an 8-year old pit bull. We’re sacrificing our lives and getting nothing but pain and grief in return. I would not be surprised if one of the daughters wants to keep the poor, misunderstood fur baby. During the warm months of the year, we would go swimming in a rural lake outside our small town. As his mother was already ill and unable to drive to pick him up,  Garces chose to walk the three blocks home through an unpaved semi-rural alley. (huh?) Earlier this year, Homer Utterback, 52, was brutally killed by his pet pit bull of 10 years after suffering a seizure in Uniontown, Pennsylvania. The eight-year-old pit bull was impounded. Hollis was also the home of Anthony David Montoya, 18,  who was apparently killed by a female grizzly bear and her two cubs on September 30,  2018 at a drilling site on the edge of the Hecla Greens Creek Mine property on Admiralty Island in southeastern Alaska. Two of those six people were children at the same wedding. I had about 110 pounds of GSD puppies (three of them) on top of my chest licking me in the face. The victim “suffered from seizures and the details still are unclear why our family dog attacked my mother while having a seizure,”  posted Elysandra Astacio. Dianne Reves, 70-years old, was mauled to death by a pack of loose dogs in her own backyard. But HEY, let’s make them all service dogs! Davenport’s wife Elaine,  to whom he was married for 54 years,  and his two sons and daughters have reportedly told local media that they would like to see Oklahoma pass stricter dog laws. Piney was a rescue (who he got at 3 months old so I don’t know what kind of a rescue that is). Are any of the daughters eighteen? Pit bull advocates asserted that his pit bull had raced to his rescue. Forgot to say: it helps if you brace your hands on a table or against the wall or something, to help you balance at first. They elaborately structure their lives around the created hardship. “My 13-year-old little sister ran to get help,  but she passed away due to her injuries. The instinct to protect and serve was there already. There is simply no need for fighting breeds, or dogs descended from these bloodlines, to exist in a civil society where dogfighting, bull- and bear-baiting, are illegal. From the Boston Herald. I guess we’ll find out if Diego/Amigo is the dog what dunnit. That was more than twice as many dogs as the sum of all other breeds involved in multiple attacks. Human beings created dogs which kill by selecting dogs with explosive aggression, the gameness to kill, and the physical structure to make them capable of killing. A good companion dog makes a horrible (loser) fighting dog. During that 36-year period, only 0.0012 percent of the estimated Pit Bull population was involved in a fatal attack. They’re usually labs or Golden Retrievers. Doberman enthusiast Elaine Richman,  66,  was found dead in her Houston back yard on February 8,  2019,  an apparent victim of her own show dogs. Pit roulette. It’s close to Santa Anita’s horse deaths (fewer than Churchill Downs) and people want to shut down the track and end horse racing. Photographs from the victim's Facebook page show a family pit bull named Amigo (also referred to as Diego) that is at least 7 years old. Since when did people bring dogs to weddings? The first three letters of this dog DIE says it all. Did I hear correctly that the daughters want to keep the dog which killed their mother? The president of the Pit Bull Federation of South Africa, Jeanette Ersmus, said pit bull attacks were on the rise. I can’t helping thinking that the parents view themselves as rescue angels. Piney takes Valium. I said arrogant. He calls them nips. She didn’t need to be trained to rescue us. Horrific video shows pit bull kill beloved Pom before helpless owner’s eyes Updated Mar 29, 2019; Posted Mar 29, 2019 GRAPHIC CONTENT: Pit bull kills family dog in savage attack The 184 child victims in 2019 represented the lowest toll since 2012. Yes, that would be permanently. WJAR spoke to neighbors, some of whom had known Astacio since she was a little girl. There is no way a fighting dog can fulfill the purpose for which it was bred and be a good dog, because the purpose of that breeding was corrupt from the start. The always friendly dog immediately went into menacing threateningly mode. Pit bull attack fatality #33 of 2019 was Melissa Ausmus Astacio,  44,  of Somerset, Rhode Island. That dog is why I have loved German Shepherds ever since. Pit bull advocate involved in breeding killed in South Carolina, Pit bulls killed 33 of 46 U.S. victims of fatal dog attacks in 2019, Trixie the whale shark dies young at the Georgia Aquarium, Kaavan flies to sanctuary with “elephant singers” Cher and Amir Khalil, Law protects birds from poaching but not oil spills, says Trump administration. Tiara Deshawn Thomas,  26,  was issued 12 misdemeanor citations for allowing the two unvaccinated and unlicensed pit bulls who killed Bell in a 2:00 a.m. attack to run loose. “One woman was killed and another woman was severely injured in two separate dog attacks involving the same animals,”  reported Taisha Walker of KPRC Click2Houston. Although I won’t say they made it easy for me to get back up, I thought to myself, Updated 4:48 PM ET, Wed July 24, 2019 . (See “National Pit Bull Awareness Month” opens with two pit bull fatalities.). A breed that reacts by attacking a human who is in the most vulnerable of situations? Astacio's death also marks another fatal attack inflicted by a family pit bull, where the attack began after the victim allegedly suffered a seizure. At any rate, he’s using moral agency terms for dogs, when those terms apply only to humans. Sharing, with gratitude, sadness, frustration, and eternal hope. Play Video. Copyright © 2007-2020 DogsBite.org   |   Published by Lynn Media Group, DogsBite.org is a national dog bite victims' group dedicated to reducing serious dog attacks. They are doing what they were created to do, purposes which were and are noble. There are reports the breed was a pit bull, but ACT Police has yet to confirm the dog type. 2019 pit bull attack victim #31 was retired Christmas tree farmer Cledith Ray Davenport,  79,  of Broken Bow,  Oklahoma,  86 miles east of Hollis,  population 4,076. I stopped reading at that point. I just spoke to a k9 dog handler today, narcotics border detection, and she has a malinois, but said she prefers pitbulls, easier to train, she said, but what about all the unpredictable attacks I said? Human beings are the only species that forces another dangerous species on itself. Pit Bull is a fighting breed, not a suitable family pet. A family member called 911 stating that the pit bull attacked the child and would not let go. When I was a kid, my family had a wonderful GSD mix. In July 2019,  after a pit bull attack disabled Woonsocket assistant animal control officer Tiffany Marie Forrest,  Valley Breeze staff writer Lauren Clem learned through a Freedom of Information Act request that 72 of the 171 dogs reported for bite incidents since 2014,  or 42%,  were pit bulls. Whatever it is, it defies belief. I don’t think dogs are born knowing right from wrong. But don’t bring them disgusting, vile, aggressive dogs into our PUPLIC PLACES to endanger everyone else. https://www.thisamericanlife.org/480/animal-sacrifice, https://nycityonahill.wordpress.com/2013/10/15/bad-dog-lover/. It was just something we kids thought up to engage with our dog. A record number of dog fatalities this year, and supposedly vaping is the big problem. Not that they are wasting their lives on a stone cold biter. I don't know how or what to do.". “What if they had been pit bull puppies?”. 11/08/19: 2019 Dog Bite Fatality: Man Found Dead in Modesto Home, Two Pit Bulls Suspected The victims are still looking for the owner of the pit bull.

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