effects of poor communication in schools

the International Society for Teacher Education, Shenton AK 2004. The findings revealed that working with authoritarian principals is a major, debilitating factor because there is no effective communication. But, there is nothing as such since they create ten-, sion and are unable to be neutral and fair in, dealing with matters affecting teaching and, that it is depressing to go to a school that nega-, tively affects their personalities. For, example, Power and Thomas (2007) found that, principals who communicate with their colleagues, and trust those who are experienced, tend to be, helpful to educators who begin to use new in-, structional technology, such as graphical calcu-, lators and/or computers, when feeling lost and, unsure about what to do owing to inadequacy, Transformational leadership correlates with, the teachers’ morale. Schools that experience problems of violence need an active safety and security committee that monitors violence; recommends violence prevention measures; and oversees its implementation. Australia: Wadsworth Cengage Learn-. teacher-student; student-student; student-learning resource. For example, in a study carried out, mer (2002) found that a female principal in one, primary school organized the School Governing, Body (SGB) to approach the department’s offic-, es to deliberate on how to resolve the scarcity, of resources encountered at their school. Findings revealed that European American leaders forwarded their responsibilities to the teachers of color, which resulted in ongoing tensions surrounding students of color. Given that authoritarian leadership styles could be destructive in any organization, the recommendations are that professional development and support for the principal from the district is a necessity in the democratic dispensation. From public ad-, ministration discourse, this approach is viewed, as true public participation because parents and. The causes and effects of such a breakdown in this dynamic are identified, and the generally institutional barriers to any. I feel that I am not, adding any value to the teaching profession, To deal with a principal who is not democrat-, ic, these group of educators felt that the inter-, vention of the teachers’ union could be the so-, lution in bringing harmony and respect for hu-, man dignity of the educators. Furthermore, some indicated that even at home, they are unable to interact positively with their. teem, absenteeism and poor quality teaching. Managing resources, keeping a record of the organization's income and expenses, as well as the management of human resources -- such as how shifts are scheduled -- are good leadership skills. Shyness, difficulty being assertive, or low self-worth can hinder your ability to make your needs and opinions known. 2001), are understaffed, (Mosoge 2008). According to For, get and Lebel (2001), the ecological theory states, that interconnectedness of families, schools and, community agencies can influence the develop-, ment and behavior of children. In other words, both the principals and ed-, ucators should refrain from using language of, hierarchy, which emphasizes superiority and in-, al. tarian in their leadership and management style, it could hamper the organizational culture be-, cause they may domineer, determine policies and, procedures with no group participation or con-, sultation, resulting in little or no effective com-, munication flow among staff members. Effective language and communication skills are essential for children to access the curriculum. (2009) view this type of relationship as the pow-, er of parallel leadership and it refers to the col-, lective efforts of the principals and educators in, building school capacity and embodies mutual, trust, shared purpose and allowance for individ-, In contrast, when the principals are authori-. This, study found that when the principals do not, acknowledge that educators can bring innova-, tion, counsel learners who come from dysfunc-, tional families and act as advisors among them-, selves. "Poor Communication Skills Hurt Students in Recruiting Process." I happen, to suffer from headaches and struggle to sleep, aggressive, I drink alcohol. Methods Abstract From the early 19th century when English language was introduced in Nigeria by the British colonial administration, English has since become a vital and unifying language of communication, commerce, government and formal education. principals who are transformational tend to: such as in-service training of educators, and, within the school as an organization, Niemann, (2008) found that educators may subscribe them-, in preference of group decisions when dealing, with a challenge, which could hamper the smooth, running of the school, all staff- members getting, involved to attain organizational objectives, and, development of respect for one another rather, schools, educators are faced with too much pa-. powerment, vision and passion in what they do. He responded, won, we do not even bother to inform the staff, during staff meetings because our principal, does not see the good in us that we do for the, perceived the principal as putting unrealistic, demands on them without considering that the. A negative attitude from one or both parties often negatively affects the relationship between home and school. There are groups, amongst us and it is disappointing to learn, that even parents gossip about us with other, “As the new educator in the school, my ex-, pectations were that the SGB members would, be true leaders in the community, people who. The participants mentioned the following un-, speak and expect the organization to deal with, rights of educators are protected by the consti-, “Because our SGB is afraid of him and not, where the principal treats us like animals or, puppets, would be ideal because there is no, open door policy in place, which the principal, must have endorsed and we feel free to approach, him on how to share the vision of the school, The participants also revealed that consult-, ing the media such as newspaper reporters or, television could be the solution as they partici-, though we may be charged with insubordina-, “Because the district does not offer courses, on conflict management for the principals to, school operates towards maintain stability, invite Daily Sun newspaper reporters can be, good in the sense that the Minister of Educa-, tion would know the type of principals we work, The participants revealed that the principal, should be redeployed to another school because, though the educators are not vocal about the. International Journal of Educational Sciences, Sources of Health care providers' Self-efficacy to deliver Health Education: A qualitative study, Managing the Unteachability of Current Public Limpopo Secondary School Learners, Social Research Methods: Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches, Core Principles & Values of Effective Team-Based Health Care, The Role of the School Principal in the South African School Governing Body: A Case Study of Various Members’ Perceptions, Gangsterism as a Cause of Violence in South African Schools: The Case of Six Provinces, Strategies in Managing Township Schools in South Africa: Management through Partnerships, The relationship between teacher autonomy and stress, work satisfaction, empowerment, and professionalism, Instructional leadership for school improvement, Leadership Challenges in Addressing Changing Demographics in Schools, Introduction to psychology: Gateways to mind and behavior. Very young children require healthy learning and exploration for optimal brain development. His/her leadership role in terms of school management structures contribu tes to democracy in South African schools and in the wider society. Authoritarian. shares the same characteristics of self-worth, which improves self-acceptance, invigorates re-, Effective communication is tied to transfor-, mational leadership. The costs and benefits of economic restructuring are not evenly distributed over time or across a population. Y, and church going person, I was expecting to, work with a leader from whom I would get ex-, parents come to school to appreciate the roles, that we play to guide their children, still our, coach (that is, the principal) is not impressed.”, “I try to remain motivated and ignore the, derogatory remarks that our principal utters, during staff meetings and about girls who fall, pregnant, but I sometimes wish that I had not, “I once had a confrontation with the prin-, cipal and after that I lost the motivation to give, my all to the learners. Brussels has launched some campaigns in this area, but they have been short-lived and so contraproductive. remedies are discussed with positive and negative examples. ‘For the future of the, nation’: Citizenship, nation, and education in South, Steyn GM 2011. Although the recruitment of state paid, educators to public schools may be time-con-, suming and complex, effective principals com-, municate with the staff members, parents and, district to ensure that remaining educators are, not overloaded or experience stress, and learn-, ers are not neglected or deprived of their consti-, tutional rights (Clark 2007). (Ryckman 2007; Schultz and Schultz 2013). (2006). In, contrast, the empirical findings of this research, reveal that the staff members experience con-, flicts, low teacher morale and depression as a, result of authoritarian leadership style of the. Therefore, principals should, communicate immediately with the staff to avoid, unnecessary conflicts as research indicates that, the success of any organization lies in effective, communication of its strategic management and. In the classroom, spoken language is the primary medium through which teachers teach and children learn. Sexuality and HIV/AIDS curricula in a Psychology Foundation Module. In addition, qualitative research seeks a better understand-, ing of complex situations. In, almost all school activities, communication plays, an important role, and the manner in which the, principal interacts with the educators can deter-, mine the organizational culture and organiza-, the amount of time the principals invests in mo-, tivating educators and reinforcing communal ac-, tivities tends to yield positive results within the, organization and cooperation among the staff, members because there exists positive commu-, nication. Conducting and Evaluating Quantitative and Qual-. In conclusion, when there exists ineffective communication among educators, stress, depression and insomnia are most likely to occur. In conclusion, when there exists ineffective communication, among educators, stress, depression and insomnia are most likely to occur. provincial authorities. Educators who have high self-esteem demon-, strate optimism, enthusiasm and continually, strive for the best pertaining to their learners’. Authoritarian leadership style is characterized, by detachment, strict expectation for behavior, and conservative rules that educators are ex-, pected to obey without asking questions or ex-, pressing their views (McDevitt and Ormrod, 2010). Since communication may be, distorted by differences in cultural values, lan-, guages and viewpoints, which may prevail dur-, ing meetings, it is imperative that the principals, accommodate every staff member by acknowl-, edging their beliefs and opinions so that educa-, tors may not develop negative attitude towards, munication, the principals ought to prepare and, disseminate the information such as memoran-, dum and circulars issued by the district on time, to avoid unnecessary conflicts. Communication within schools and between communities and schools is also seen as key. Strategies in managing township, schools in South Africa: Management through part-, Minnaert A, Boekaerts M, de Brabander C, Opdenak-, competence, social relatedness and interest within, a CSCL environment in vocational education: The. A case –study from one South African University Campus. In analyzing data for this study, the researcher, used interpretive analysis. collaborative decision-making pertaining to cur-, gar et al. There is a price to pay for delayed or timid economic reforms. This is true in all provinces studied and particularly in the Western Cape and Limpopo. Thus the scholastic, as well as non-scholastic performances, reduces with increase in hearing loss. 2009). Whilst teachers may encourage students to talk about their work; that talk is usually about problematic aspects of work. be stressed. Collective action for promoting, common purposes is very limited. The literature on courts and democratization may help us to understand those limits by exploring the successful and failed experiences of courts that have tried to play a role in helping to prevent authoritarian turns, or that have enabled such authoritarian turns with passive attitudes when constraining the political power of incumbent regimes. The self-efficacy of educators plays a crucial role in their professional competence and subsequent provision of care. I argue that the Bolivian 2009 Constitution included an insurance and that the Evo Morales regime eliminated it with the help of the Constitutional Court. bry D, Poduska JM, Ialongo NS 2010. Instead, the principals should be friend-, ly, radiate positive energy and be conscientious, (Ryckman 2007). Results Managing communications effectively is a key dimension of leadership. Bush (2007) argues that it is a consti-, tutional right of educators to belong to a teach-, ers’ union for protection against anti-social and, disrespectful principals. 5 Side Effects of Bad Communication When I was a kid at school I used to play a game called broken telephone. Mahlangu VP 2014. Background According to the website, "Talking Point," kids also act out when their parents don't communicate with them about the impact their actions have on others, which can lead to excessive pla… For example, a frustrated child who can't communicate her frustration verbally may use force to defend herself and set boundaries with others, or use aggression to communicate frustration with learning new tasks. In Europe, though, there is as yet no consensus of this sort. During meet-, ings, the principal does not delegate duties nor, plan with the educators. Administrators often questioned their leadership capacity in how to mediate racial differences that occurred in their schools as their student demographics changed. In, dealing with inexperienced educators, they ap-, ply achievement oriented communication styles, to show confidence in the follower to perform. The aims of the study was to explore the perceptions and experiences of school stakeholders of school violence and the nature of violence that takes place in South African schools. When you join a pre-school, it is the teacher who helps you in expressing yourself in front of the class and hence, your first step towards communicating with others. ety, frustration and sense of powerlessness. Trust is considered here as invaluable and essential metaphorical glue in the smooth running of any globalized economy. Managing township schools is about trust, acting in good faith, forming partnerships, and communicating. They expressed, that they lack zeal and motivation to teach with, excitement because the environment operates, tion to investigate how educators feel to work in, an environment, which lacked effective commu-. Study.com, 10 Nov 2015 published. He or she occupies a leadership position in South African schools and is, therefore, a key role-player in the school management process. The inability to influence teachers will result in continual problems of low expectations, unfair discipline practices, and poor student performance.This study focused on (a) how principals perceived their leadership in responding to their schools' changing demographics, and (b) the challenges they experienced in attempting to mediate across school groups. Accord-, ing to Creswell (2005), the population is com-, posed of participants selected by the researcher, based on the needs of the study and it refers to, a group of subjects from which a sample will be, drawn (Leedy and Ormrod 2005). Relationships in schools determine the effectiveness of teaching and learning to a great degree. managed, could lead to a state of hopelessness, increased level of aggression, loss of sex drive, and hypersomnia (prolonged sleep) (Coon and, Mitterer 2010).

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