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Tour times below are approximate: 45-minute scenic helicopter flight over the Bear Glacier and Aialik Glacier; Meeting Instructions: This tour meets at the airport office. We take our time on the way out, looking constantly for marine life like … Take photos of massive ice bergs, get up close to where a glacier drops 500 ft. into the sea and enjoy aerial views of … We are fortunate to have access to such a spectacular backyard, but please remember this is a remote backcountry area and it’s no small task for us to get out there. Answer 1 of 3: Hi all, My husband and I are spending 5 days in the Kenai peninsula at the end of May ( I know it is a very short trip but we will make the most of it and be back!). Escape the crowded tour boats and spend the day in a small group exploring towering cliffs, looking for wildlife, and learning more about the dramatic coastline near Fox Island. Aialik Bay has no icebergs. Because we travel over 40 nautical miles by water taxi, the ride is enormously costly in marine diesel requirements. Their National Park Tour is one of the best glacier tours in Alaska and departs Seward at 8 and 11:30 a.m. Kayak Adventures Worldwide: KAW Aialik Glacier Tour one of the best experiences in Alaska - See 1,341 traveller reviews, 821 candid photos, and great deals for Seward, AK, at Tripadvisor. Tour description. ⁠ Tour description. I have seen glaciers, hiked glaciers and even slept on a glacier (very cold night) but, I have never seen one calving into the sea. In comparison, Aialik Glacier is over one mile wide at its face, and thus on a scale of its own. When I look at the map, Aialik is short and steep compared to the other glaciers, so the glacier may not have as much of a chance to melt on the way. Aialik (eye-Al-ick) is an Alutiiq (coastal Eskimo) word. Tour Kenai Fjords on one of our cruise options ranging from 3.5 hours to 8.5 hours. This intimate experience will truly show you the breadth and depth of some of Alaska’s most majestic glaciers. Solo Travelers call to book, Groups with children ages 6-13 will have your own private guide, at no extra cost, Paddle at your own pace and explore what you’re excited about, A minimum of 4 guests is required. Although all of Kenai Fjords National Park is rugged and enchanting, one of the most important factors in your choice of paddling trips should be location & travel time. Several companies provide a variety of tour options, schedules, and amenities. Not only is Bear Glacier the largest glacier coming off the Harding Icefield, but its lagoon also features impressive and expansive icebergs that you can see from the air. The tours are about 2-3 hours long. Aialik Glacier, a little over 15 miles from Seward, is the largest glacier in Aialik Bay, located in Kenai Fjords National Park. Aialik Northwestern Fjords Explorer Glacier Kayaking and Wildlife Viewing. This is the number one factor in deciding where to focus our energy, and we look forward to sharing this place with you. Aialik Glacier is an impressive tidewater glacier with a huge ice face that descends directly into Aialik bay. Sometimes the glacier calvings are huge, like the size of a bus. This tour requires good visibility so you can enjoy your flight. The Aialik Glacier is one of them and our destination during the Kenai Fjord boat tour. We have a party of four. Our Aialik Glacier Day Trip provides guests with an intimate & meaningful combination of both in just one day! A one-of-a-kind Alaskan experience that should not be missed, this 35-minute helicopter flight from Seward takes you to Bear and Aialik glaciers. Fly to Aialik Glacier ; Additional Options Choose an additional option to land at the lagoon and experience the immense size of the area as you stand among the icebergs. Discover hidden waterfalls, search for wildlife, and learn…. Seward Scenic Flight to Aialik Glacier. Enjoy a full day of kayaking in glacier-bridled Kenai Fjords National Park in Aialik Bay. Once in Aialik Bay, we will get dropped off at our launch beach, just over 3 miles from Aialik Glacier. The combination of our small, purposeful wildlife viewing tour with the chance to paddle in the most awe-inspiring fjord in the area – all in one day – makes this tour the ultimate fjords experience. We are a bit flexible with our schedule. For all tours with a water taxi (Fox Island Day Trips, Aialik Glacier Day Trips, and all Multi Day Camping Trips), cancellation fees will reflect those of the water taxi partner, to be negotiated and updated here prior to January 2021. Hover above enormous crevasse and explore the ice face. Kayak Adventures Worldwide: Aialik Glacier Day Tour - See 1,347 traveler reviews, 833 candid photos, and great deals for Seward, AK, at Tripadvisor. For all tours without a water taxi (Resurrection Bay Half Day Tours and Caines Head Day Trips), guests will receive a full refund for cancellations made more than 1 week prior to your trip date. While fairly stable, the glacier calves most actively in May and June. Answer 1 of 4: Hi all, I know it's completely opinion, but that's exactly what I'm looking for here. You will most likely not see anyone besides your small group. You can also access Pedersen Glacier and Lagoon from here but it requires crossing Aialik Bay. Glacier Kayaking in Aialik Bay! While our hope for 2021, is to operate our trips in the same way we did pre-COVID-19, we have careful plans to address the continued public health risks posed by the virus. Think of this tour as two-fold: both a boat tour and a kayak tour. Bear Glacier is a more scenic and a more remote location. Aialik Glacier is the largest and most actively calving tidewater glacier in the park, so it’s expansiveness is matched only by it’s ability to inspire wonder. It drains into Aialik Bay. After 37 years in business, and many tour offerings over the decades, Kayak Adventures has consistently had the best guest feedback from our Aialik Glacier Day Trip. Families with fewer than 4, please call. Kenai Fjords Tours (1:07). That way you can join us in the future, whether it’s this summer or a future season, providing an easy way to postpone your vacation plans while continuing to support our small, locally-owned business. We are incredibly grateful to be working with this experienced, professional water taxi. Our revised policies are flexible and forgiving, so you can book with confidence. Kenai Fjords National Park wildlife cruise and glacier kayaking combination tour in Aialik Bay at Holgate Glacier. The Aialik Glacier is a glacier in the Kenai Peninsula Borough of Alaska. There were a few theories explained by the National Park Ranger that was on the cruise boat. Please wear footwear that you’re comfortable walking in, will keep you warm, and you don’t mind potentially getting a bit wet (closed-toe water shoes, running shoes, and hiking boots are all fine options). Explore and paddle near Aialik Glacier, the park’s largest and most actively calving tidewater glacier. Our tours run rain or shine, so we ask you to wear synthetic layers of clothing, because cotton (including jeans) get really cold if they get wet. Duration: 45 minutes. You will receive a trip-specific packing list upon booking, which will go into great detail about what else to bring. We will follow scientific expertise and industry standards for hygiene and cleanliness, encourage the use of cautious practices among our staff and guests, and communicate all changes to our policies as we continue to adapt. If you do not have your own rain gear, we offer high quality, commercial grade Helly Hansen rain pants & Columbia Outdry rain jackets for you to borrow at no extra cost. We are looking to kayak around Aug 4th. Aialik Glacier is the largest glacier in Aialik Bay, located in Kenai Fjords National Park. … In contrast to a large tour boat ride, the water taxi we use is small and provides an intimate experience, with your knowledgable guide always by your side. Guests will find discounted trips offered to Holgate Glacier and Holgate Arm because this area is closer to Seward, and therefore cheaper to access. Sail past the majestic Holgate Glacier and witness chunks of glaciers … Our cruises explore the glacier-carved fjords and abundant wildlife of Resurrection Bay and Kenai Fjords National Park, offering some of the best glacier viewing and whale watching opportunities in Alaska. Answer 1 of 14: Anyone is interested to kayak? From our kayaks, we’ll listen for the thundering of the glacier calving and watch chunks of ice plummeting into the sea. Kayak near icebergs and bergy bits. This tour can also be purchased as an add-on to our Alaskan Dog Sledding Adventure on Godwin Glacier Aialik Glacier near Seward, Alaska offers one of the most exciting wildlife and glacier viewing kayaking opportunities that you can visit in the heart of Kenai Fjords National Park! ⁠, We come from the land of the ice and snow ⁠. We completed our 2020 season and are happy to share that, with strict COVID-19 protocols in place, we had a successful summer. Answer 1 of 2: My wife and I are travelling to Alaska the first week in July, stayng three nights in Gustavus, three in Denali and three in Seward. A private tour? Apr 22, 2019 - This 45-minute scenic tour visits the Bear Glacier and Aialik Glacier areas. Product #: gm543565886 $ 12.00 iStock In stock Taken while on a wildlife and nature pelagic tour which started in Seward, then went through Resurrection Bay, and finally to Aialik Bay to see this glacier, before… Aialik glacier 20160906 KPPT … give. Their captains are the most experienced in Seward and their main vessel, the Weather or Knot, comfortably fits up to 18 guests. Our water taxi to Kenai Fjords National Park follows a similar route to the larger tour boats (through Resurrection Bay and Aialik Bay), but fits just 18 guests, compared to the 200+ guest capacity of large tour vessels. The water taxi costs make up over 60% of the per person price tag for this tour. Due to limited time constraint, i have to choose one. Answer 1 of 14: Anyone is interested to kayak? Duration: .75 hours . Kayak Adventures was the first company to run the Aialik Glacier Day Trip over 15 years ago! A mural of two kayakers near the glacier painted by Byron Birdsall is at the office of the Kenai Fjords National Park. Larger groups will be privatized, Two-person minimum. Yes, Matanuska Glacier is open for guided tours year-round and self-guided access during the summer. The water taxi will pick us up at the same beach we were dropped off at, and we’ll have another 2+ hours to look for whales and wildlife on the boat ride back to Seward. We are looking to kayak around Aug 4th. ⁠ Within 1 week, your trip fees are nonrefundable. Aialik Glacier, however is the only one that is not receding. This is three minutes of highlights from our day trip to Aialik Glacier. Sitting in a kayak at the water’s surface, you’ll experience the raw power, magic, and beauty of Aialik Glacier. In comparison, Aialik Glacier is over one mile wide at its face, and thus on a scale of its own. Fly to Aialik Glacier ; Additional Options Choose an additional option to land at the lagoon and experience the immense size of the area as you stand among the icebergs. Bear Glacier lagoon features impressive icebergs. Sea kayaking to a glacier was one of the activities that I was most excited about on this trip (see where we stayed here). $399 per person, minimum of 2 guests. Explore Alaska's remote Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) by raft on the "river of caribou". We are a bit flexible with our schedule. Answer 1 of 4: First- we are not kayakers/never done it, but it’s something I wanted to do on my last trip to AK and didn’t get to so this time I WILL do a kayak tour. Our guide Libby was so nice and I think she had as much fun as we did. Full-day tours that venture out to the park's tidewater glaciers at Aialik Bay, Holgate Glacier and Northwestern Fjords are available as well as half-day tours that stay in the more protected waters of Resurrection Bay while giving you a taste of the park's wildlife and scenery. The water taxi departs at 8 am, so be sure to arrive on time. Weather Permitting operates three other water taxi vessels as well, which offers us flexibility and back up options, should a vessel need maintenance or have schedule conflicts. *Full refunds include: trip fees, add ons, and taxes & fees, minus $10 per person booking fees for all half & full day trips & $25 per person booking fees for multi-day trips*. This tour is a guide favorite! Seward, AK 99664, Small groups capped at 6 guests. You’ll no doubt need both a rain jacket and rain pants throughout your time in Alaska. Safe, fun and affordable! Seward Scenic Flight to Aialik Glacier This 45-minute scenic tour visits the beautiful Aialik Glacier located in the Kenai Fjords National Park. Seward is located in the northern tip of the largest coastal rainforest in the world, and we see a lot of rainy days here. ⁠ Either way, it's an incredible sight to see! Bear Glacier is the largest glacier descending from the Harding Icefield in Kenai Fjords National Park at over 11 miles long and 3 miles wide. In Kenai Fjords National Park there are 3 places named Aialik, Cape Aialik, Aialik Glacier and Aialik … A National Park Ranger will be on board to narrate your cruise and point out wildlife such as whales, sea otters, sea lions, puffins, and more. No other water taxi company in Seward has this level of infrastructure or flexibility when it comes to vessels available. pick. Although it is considered a stable glacier, you may see it calve (shed ice in to the water) with its towering spires reaching over 300 ft tall in some places. Learn about the area and wildlife from people filled with local stories and experience, as you connect with this inspiring place. Authentic Alaska private charter cruise to Kenai Fjords National Park. We are taking what we learned in 2020 and preparing for another meaningful, inspiring season in 2021. They give discounts if you have 6 people. May you make many wonde, Fly low and slow circling the incredible glacier i, On your special day, we can fly you to some specia, Dog camp, coming into view!⁠ If your Alaska vacation includes any outdoor activities, we strongly advise purchasing your own rain gear for your trip. If we cannot fly, there is a full refund. ⁠ We met Nick, our guide, and were told that we were the only people who had signed up for the Aialik (“Eye-AL-ick”) Glacier kayak tour. 2021 Our most popular trip with a full day of sightseeing, wildlife viewing, and glaciers. The ultimate day kayaking trip! After 37 years in business, and many tour offerings over the decades, Kayak Adventures has consistently had the best guest feedback from our Aialik Glacier Day Trip. It’s also home to five glaciers: Exit Glacier, Aialik Glacier, Grewingk Glacier, McCarty Glacier, and Harding Icefield.

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